As the founder and creator of Shea Adé and our products, I aspire to shift the way Black  women and men think of their hair. The more I learn and grow as an individual, the more I  have to pour out through my brand. From offering basic hair education to challenging  limiting core beliefs and helping us manifest our hair goals, I hope to use Shea Adé as a  tool and platform to encourage us to reframe our thoughts about ourselves. At its best,  Shea Adé is the impetus for healing hair and hearts and minds and beliefs of all who need  it. At my best, I am and do the same.  

My brand is an extension of me. As I continue to do the work it is authentically expressed  through everything Shea Adé has to offer. Every affirmation, every product, every hair  story, every goal is a true and honest reflection of my journey toward wholeness and self love. I wish for us to wholeheartedly love the way we look. Shea Adé started with me,  yet it continues with you. 

Wishing us all the best on our journey home to ourselves. 

With Love,